I suggest you ...

Not everyone is familiar where in their machine lies the Adobe Flash settings

People !`I like to start on a positive note; at the same time I might be one of the top people in America to identify immediately what a website needs , etc etc.

Right there on your first page you MUST have the instructions to go find this. 1. Step One 2. Step Two 3. Step Three

This is essential. Modern society has a short attention span and FEW are computer experts. Some may know a TON about 50 topics
but this is NOT an item anyone works with on a regular basis.

Not for my sake, but yours...you guys need to change this...
as in tomorrow !!

Anyone else reading tend to agree?

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  • AdminXAN Expert (Admin, ExpertsAvailableNow.com) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hey k ness - Adviser/Investor here.

    Not only is it an annoying problem, but once it's set up, the sound quality is terrible for me! It's because we're relying on a service called twilio for browser-to-browser voice that doesn't work quite right.

    While that's getting fixed, we could let Experts connect with clients via Skype to Skype, or Phone to Phone. I'm curious, which one would you prefer personally?

    PS Thanks for the thoughtful note! Looking forward to more comments.

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